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Who are we?

Wholesome Bee has grown from h(b)umblebee-ginnings.
Created eight years ago my friend Sue and I wanted a health-food shop presence here in Settle. Somewhere to buy products produced by smaller, independent companies - local where possible - and quality, ethically produced goods with good health AND the environment in mind. Sue has now left but we have grown to a team of four; myself, Mary, Susie and Gaye, and occasionally Joy who pops back to help out when she can! We also work alongside Jo Rhodes who is our qualified homeopath and Sarah Garton a qualified and experienced nutritionist.

Where are we?

Based here in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales market town of Settle, Wholesome Bee has grown from what was a run-down and somewhat abandoned building …. It had wet-rot, dry-rot and broken glass in the shop window when I took it on. Hmm, I do like a challenge! We are just along from the market square, opposite The Lion hotel on Duke Street.

What do we do?

Our main supplier is Suma, known for being the country’s biggest workers cooperative with sound ethical practices and high-quality products. We stock organic foods, natural and organic bodycare products, herbal remedies and the highest grade supplements …. to name but a few of the things we do! We have always done refills for washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner … and as part of our ‘plastic-free’ mission we stock a wide range of paper wrapped shampoo bars and soaps, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws, deodorants in cardboard tubes. The list goes on …

When do we do it?

Our opening times are:
Monday to Friday 9 - 5 (Tuesdays 10 - 5)
Saturday 9.30 - 4
Sunday Closed

Why do we do it?

Good question. It has to come from within. A belief that food is indeed the staff of life and that quality of life is all important, helped by eating and drinking the right sort of foods with quality vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal tinctures to support good health where necessary. We support independent producers and those with a sound ethical background …..

Contact Info

6 Duke Street
North Yorkshire
BD24 9DW

01729 825103

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